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Club Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to ensure that reasonable and appropriate standards are maintained at all times while on Club premises, in keeping with the expectations of membership at a private club.  It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that their family members and guests comply with the dress code at all times.
The Club’s Staff is authorized to enforce the dress code and is supported by the Board of Directors in doing so.  The Club reserves the right to request that a member or guest not properly attired move to another area of the Clubhouse, change clothing, or leave the premises.  It is unfair to the Directors or the Club’s Staff to be forced to deal with infractions even though they are authorized to do so.  Please avoid embarrassing situations.  The Pro Shop is well stocked with suitable clothing and any inadvertent errors may be quickly and easily corrected.  Members should be aware that the Pro Shop may also inventory certain lifestyle clothing pieces that may not be suitable in certain areas of the Club.


General Dress Code

The dress code term “smart casual” should be considered as a minimum standard of dress at the Club at all times.  The dress code will apply equally to all members and guests regardless of age.
Footwear is required at all times in the Clubhouse.
Appropriate denim apparel is permitted in all areas.  Cut off jeans, jeans that are torn, ripped, frayed or patched are NOT permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.
Shirts are to be tucked in neatly at all times, unless designed to be worn untucked.
See-through shirts, midriff-baring shirts, tank tops, logo t-shirts, jogging/rugby pants, spandex wear, short shorts or short skirts are not acceptable on the property or in the Clubhouse.
Wearing pants or shorts noticeably below waist height is not acceptable.
Hats are not to be worn in the upper level of the Clubhouse building. 
In the Dining Room, attire permissible on the golf course and curling rink is acceptable.  Casual attire should be neat and in keeping with the standards of a private country club.

Management may establish appropriate dress codes for dining room events.

Dining Room & Annette Gibson Hall

These areas are considered to be more formal and the General Dress Code rules noted above apply.  For special events, posted attire will take precedence.

Lounge & Patio

As the Lounge and Patio have a more relaxed atmosphere, the dress code is similarly relaxed. 
Appropriate t-shirts with golf or brand logos are permitted if subtle in display.


Golf Dress Code (All Members)

Tailored shorts for men and shorts, skirts, skorts, or golf dresses for women are to be of conservative length worn at mid-thigh or lower.
Pants/Shorts with draw strings and/or cargo-style pants/shorts with external pockets are not permitted.
No denim apparel of any colour is allowed on the golf course at any time.
Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted anywhere on the Club’s property.
Clothing with non-STGCC logos is permitted, if the logo is subtle in its display.
Caps and visors may not be worn backwards at any time.
When wearing shorts, knee-length socks or sockettes are required with all footwear on the golf course except golf sandals, which do not require socks.


Ladies and Junior Girls

Sleeveless golf shirts/blouses must have a collar and collarless shirts/blouses must have sleeves. 
Shirts must be tucked in unless they have been designed to be worn otherwise.
Capri pants and wind suits are acceptable attire.


Gentlemen and Junior Boys

Collared golf shirts, turtlenecks, or mock neck shirts with a collar of at least 1½” are acceptable and must be tucked in at all times. 
Wind suits are acceptable attire.


Curling Dress Code

In the curling rink, men may wear any curling-related attire including wind suits and tailored pants.
No denim apparel of any colour is allowed in the curling rink.
For ladies, all curling-related attire including kilts (with tights or leggings), wind suits and tailored pants are permitted.
Clothing with non-STGCC logos is permitted, if the logo is subtle in its display.


Pool Dress Code

For the pool area, health regulations require that members walking between the locker rooms and the pool must wear shoes and shirts, or robes.  Bathing suits must be worn by members when in the pool, consisting of bathing suit bottoms for men, and both a bathing suit bottom and top for women (1 piece and 2 piece suits are acceptable).

Fitness Centre

Appropriate athletic attire is required.
Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
No sandals or flip flops.  Clean, indoor shoes only.
Fitness wear is not permitted outside of the Fitness Centre.