Registration and Log In Process

The club's website has been upgraded to a more secure platform. Please follow the steps as described here in order to complete this process.

A printable version of the steps is available by clicking here.

Step 1 – Click Member Registration

To register your account, click on the ‘Member Registration’ link and complete the fields within the registration form.

Step 2 – Validation

Enter your Member Number, First name and Last name exactly as they appear on your last paper statement (Note: Your First name is typically in our system as your given name). The system will validate whether the information entered is correct.

If the information entered does not exactly match that which is present in your club’s files, you will be unable to register. If you continue experiencing issues, please contact the club for assistance.

Step 3 - Set username and password

You will then be taken to a page to set your username and password. The system will suggest a username (the first initial of your first name and your last name, eg. The suggested Username for John Smith would be jsmith, but can be changed. It will ask you to enter and confirm a password of choice. Depending on your website’s settings configured by the club, there may be a specific password complexity that must be met.

In the event the password is forgotten, please enter in an email address the ‘Reset Password’ link can be sent to.

Hint: If you hold your cursor over the question marks additional instructions appear.

Once all fields are filled out, click on ‘Create User’ to complete the registration process.

Step 4 – Email Confirmation

Upon completion of the registration process an email will be sent to the email address entered during the registration process.

Example of the confirmation message:
Member Registration – Confirmation Page User xxx has been created and registered successfully.  Email has been sent to the following email address:

Step 5 – Login to Club Website

Navigate to your club’s login page by clicking on this ‘Member Login’ link, or on the link usually located in the top right-hand corner of page.

Enter the username and password you’ve created in the registration process. When finished, click ‘Log On’
Please log on